Foody Popz™ - All-in-One Pet Bottle

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  • Performance enhanced: Our All-in-one pet bottle has a large water capacity being able to hold up to 300 ml of water, a storage compartment below the water storage for food and/or treats, and a compartment for waste bags - making it truly one of a kind. It also has an easy-to-use button at the top of the water storage compartment to prevent water from leaking out when not in use. Its in-built silicone seal coats the button and makes sure it is completely waterproof and ensures no mess or loss of water even when tilting the bottle in 360 degree angles.
  • Unique Design: The O-shape design of the drinking water section is best suited for your pets requirements and makes minimal mess or waste of water when your pet is actively drinking. In addition, if your cat or dog is finished drinking water and there is still some left in the drinking reservoir, hold the bottle upwards and simply press the button to allow excess water to flow back into the water bottle compartment.
  • EASY Use: The feature of this bottle makes it great for one hand use allowing you to maintain a grip on your dog whilst providing water as needed. This water bottle is also suitable for any sized pets. Finally, there is a detachable clip on the side of the bottle to be used as a poop-scooper. Under the food portion of the bottle, there is a compartment that easily gives you access to poop bags that you can use to cover the clip, and pick up poop.
  • Durability and eco-friendly: The best part? The bottle is very lightweight. It has a durable but comfortable holder at the very top to be used as a secondary method to carry or transport the bottle wherever you go, easily wrap it around your wrist at any time or even onto a backpack. Made from eco-friendly food grade ABS and PC material, the bottle is always clear, sanitary, and heat resistant. Plus, due to the material build of the bottle, it keeps bacteria out and stays clean throughout.
  • Makes everyday tasks easy: Each compartment of the water bottle can also be easily disassembled for filling by simply twisting counterclockwise and is also very easy to re-assemble. Every part can also be used independently for their individual requirements as well. Finally, you can easily clean the same by simply rinsing with water or add a little soap in case of dirt or bacteria and it’ll wash away in a jiffy.

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