-29% sale
Ea-Zy Sushi Set Ea-Zy Sushi Set
foodypopz Ea-Zy Sushi Set
$45.50 $64.00
Sushi making is now on steroids with the Ea-Zy set! A simple and hassle-free experience which requires zero practice & very little time as this 15 piece combination has got you covered, all the way from arranging the sushi to wrapping, slicing and savoring it. Waste no time and get hold of your set today! Made from durable, food-grade materials for safe, consistent and daily use. Simplify the whole process with 9-easy steps(refer image below for all steps). Non-stick, BPA-free & dishwasher friendly. Package includes: 10 Pieces Sushi maker Steel Chopsticks Set Cleaner Sushi Cover 50pcs Sushi-Pro Gloves  
-28% sale
Ea-Zy Garlic Press Ea-Zy Garlic Press
foodypopz Ea-Zy Garlic Press
$25.20 $35.00
Extracting & enjoying the benefits of garlic have finally been simplified with our Ea-zy garlic press. Made from powerful stainless steel with the latest curve technology, this press gets you the end result in a wiff. Be awe-struck with how simple the whole process is and save yourself both time and money today! Strong, sturdy material. Anti-rust. EA-ZY Curve-technology for smooth functionality. Simple cleaning & use.
-25% sale
Ea-Zy Fruit Juicer Ea-Zy Fruit Juicer
foodypopz Ea-Zy Fruit Juicer
$45.50 $60.00
Welcome to the simplest and yet the most effective, on-the-go juicing experience out there - the EA-ZY fruit juicer. This handy juicer works like a charm when it comes to the daily fast-lifestyle, helping you juice and serve on the go. We've also added 2 filter bags with the package to ease out the process for you. Here are 4 simple steps of use: Works well on fruits likes apples, watermelons, limes, pineapples, pomegranates and etc.. Superior-quality make protects against material corrosion and reaction with fruits. Premium stainless steel and chrome plating prevents the formation of bacteria and ensures zero reaction with fruits. High-capacity bowl helps you squeeze an entire lime or even large chunks of fruits in one go. This also ensures that a good amount of juice collects at the bottom before pouring onto cup. Easy to clean as simply dousing with water will do the job. Strong, powerful handle prevents damage/bending of the same when used regularly. Plus, the latest EA-ZY design technology ensures that the juices are extracted with minimal effort.     SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Silver Material: Stainless Steel Length: 10 Inches Width: 4 Inches Weight: 1.61LB PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x EA-ZY Fruit Jucier
-28% sale
Jiffy Multi-Veggie Peeler Set (Pack of 3) Jiffy Multi-Veggie Peeler Set (Pack of 3)
foodypopz Jiffy Multi-Veggie Peeler Set (Pack of 3)
$24.50 $34.00
Welcome to the new-age of vegetable peelers where dual blades get the job done in a jiffy. Made for daily use, these slicers are unique, fast and functional with its magical, premium blades and powerful grip. It also makes for the ideal kitchen companion for those with arthritis as almost no effort is required to operate these peelers. Wanna know the best part? Each slicer's got a melon ball scoop on the side to help you pick and discard unwanted parts on the go. Plus, its savvy U-Shaped design ensures that both left and right-handed people can operate it with ease. Dishwasher friendly, strong and corrosion-free material makes these peelers a complete necessity in all kitchens. Here are the deets of use on each peeler(feel free to refer back here or our IGTV instructional at anytime): BLUE PEELER: BLACK PEELER:   RED PEELER:   FEATURES: Can peel all kinds of fruits and vegetables Ball scoop on the side to remove unwanted or bad pieces from the veggies Simple to use, clean and store Only minimal effort required Anti-bacterial, rust-free and strong material Blade size is 50mm PACKAGE INCLUDES: Standard Peeler (Black) Professional Peeler (Blue) Julienne Peeler (Red)
Slap Chop™ - Food Chopper Slap Chop™ - Food Chopper
foodypopz Slap Chop™ - Food Chopper
from $29.50 $40.00
Dice, Chop and Mince in Seconds! Meal Prepping has never been this easy. With Slap Chop in your hands you can now simply hack your way through chopping and ease down the whole meal prep process. Simple functionality of the rotating stainless steel blades makes slicing veggies, fruits and even meat an ease. Versatile when it comes to any and all types of foods from soft and squishy tomatoes to hard potatoes and nuts, apples and even eggs and ham. Select your size and chop as desired: One slap of the plunger chops foods into bite-sized pieces and subsequent chops will create a finer, diced pieces. Mix-Up, Chop & Serve: Pack your favorite foods together and chop away, to prep your salad or simply even put em in a tortilla and get on it. De-skin Garlic & Onions with a single chop and and keep chopping to make finer pieces. Dishwasher safe: The removable base and cup container, with an easy access to the inside blades makes it super easy to clean. Never switch blades as the slap chop blades & shell are super strong and is made for rigorous daily use. Easily clean the whole machine by simple dismantling from bottom to top. Features: Material: ABS & Stainless Steel Color: White + Black Size: 25cm x 8.5cm (HxD) (Approx) Package Includes: 1 x  1PC Slap Chop Food Chopping Machine
-27% sale
Multi-functional Vegetable Cutting Board Multi-functional Vegetable Cutting Board
foodypopz Multi-functional Vegetable Cutting Board
$35.50 $48.00
Say goodbye to Lazy Cutting Boards and make way for an unique, truly multi-functional experience today! Strong, sturdy and easy to use, our multifunctional cutting boards are an absolute necessity in all kitchens, and also for veggie cleaning and chopping during outdoor activities. With an easy drainer at the bottom, these boards will save you not only time but also eliminate the need for other, heavier alternatives.     MORE FEATURES: Works two ways - Use as a vegetable cutting board and also pull the bottom to double down as a washing tray for all veggies and fruits. It also comes with an integrated plug for an easy water drainage and use. Premium Non-slip design - The bottom, handle and all in all material of the board is made from a non-slip design for easy, hassle-free use. 4-in-1 Gadget - Can be used to wash veggies, drain the water, chop em and even use the tray to move or store veggies/kitchen gadgets. Occasion - Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, travelling, BBQ's and such. Also, it works as the perfect gadget for any and all kitchens.     Simply Unfold the tray with these steps:     Easily empty the water from the tray through its bottom sink - simply press the button at the side:   MATERIAL: Made of food grade premium PP + TPR material, BPA Free, durable and practical, not easily deformed PORTABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Opening 40*30*13 cm/15.7"*11.8"*5.1", Folding 40*30*3 cm/15.7"*11.8"*1.1". Foldable design can save your kitchen space and be an ultra-convenient tool during outdoor activities. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 * Multifunctional Folding Cutting Board
-31% sale
Ea-Zy Veggie Slicer Ea-Zy Veggie Slicer
actoyoga Ea-Zy Veggie Slicer
$26.49 $38.00
Slice & Switch between different sizes with our Ea-Zy veggie slicer. From now on, slicing veggies will not only take you a few mere seconds but will also grant you the freedom to flexibly shape em - all the way from fries to salads and sandwiches. Combined with the safety handle, slicing will be done in a jiffy. A few reasons why our peeler is a must have: 6 unique blade types for different occasions. Veggies can now be shredded, cut into pieces as well as sliced and cut into patterns and etc, Comes with a holder/safety handle for faster and safer slicing. Can be installed and used on various utensils. Material is stainless steel blade. All blades can be arranged and put into a box to save space. Stainless steel Blade and ABS board - both healthy and durable. Stop compromising and slice with ease like never before! MATERIAL: Made of food grade premium PP + stainless steel metallic blades - supreme quality, durable and practical, not easily deformed PORTABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Save your time, money and space. Can also be used as an ultra-convenient tool during outdoor activities. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 * Slicer(6 blades) + Safety Handle Cup 
-23% sale
Jiffy Vegetable Grater Jiffy Vegetable Grater
foodypopz Jiffy Vegetable Grater
$25.50 $33.00
Hack your daily kitchen routine with our easy vegetable grater. Made from strong, stainless and premium steel, the jiffy grater shreds & simplifies when it comes to any and all veggies. It's sharp, powerful mouth will slide and slice with ease, all the while saving you both time & money. Go ahead and Jiffy those veggies! Double-sided, hollowed design. High-durability & Anti-rust. Hanging hook & Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean.
-30% sale
Super-chef Veggy Slicer Super-chef Veggy Slicer
foodypopz Super-chef Veggy Slicer
$45.50 $65.00
Shred, Slice and Mince with ease as you've now got the all-in-one, Super-chef Veggy Slicer at your bidding. Choose between seven unique blade sizes and shredding options, which you can quickly switch between to either shred in different sizes or simply just slice, an already cut piece into multiple ones. Use different methods depending on the demand of the veggies or fruits you desire to chop. Method 1 - Cut already sliced veggies into mini-pieces with the one-chop option. Method 2 - 7 different blades for shredding between sizes. Method 3 - Mount onto pad and shred option for faster work or slicing harder veggies without hurting the hand. Easily-switch between blades. 3 unique slicing methods. Detachable bottom container for easy collection. Revolutionize your daily cooking experience with the only shredder you'll ever need. Gift yourself the flexibility of easy-slicing and master the kitchen today!
3-in-1 Avocado Knife 3-in-1 Avocado Knife
foodypopz 3-in-1 Avocado Knife
Transform the way you work on Avocados with these ultra-handy 3-in-one Avocado Knives. Easy, fun and a proven time saver, these are for sure a necessity. Chop, deseed and scrub - three simple steps of use Transparent protective shell to prevent decay and ensure durability of the material. Can be used for chopping and scrubbing a wide variety of fruits like mangoes and sapodillas. Specification: Color: Green  Material: PP Plastic +Stainless Steel+ Rubber Size: 19.5cm*6cm Package Content: 1 x slicer 
360° Tap-Water Diffuser 360° Tap-Water Diffuser
foodypopz 360° Tap-Water Diffuser
Ease-up and simplify your daily dishwashing experience with the 360° tap-water diffuser. A two-position head alongside an easy-rotation technology will keep your switching through plates in a wiff. Also, it add a champagne like flow to the water to prevent splash-backs, and further soften the water to ensure that cleaning turns into an easier and simpler task. Fits all standard taps with M22 external & M24 internal thread. Built-in dirt strainer captures sand and dirt particles. Saves energy & 30% water with even splash distribution. One-step attach, detach & cleaning. Will easily cover your entire sink.

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